Federation of International Touch (F.I.T.) rules apply unless otherwise stated. For detailed rules please see the FIT website.


  • There are 6 players on each side - for Mixed Touch a team has 3 male and 3 female players on the pitch at any given time.
  • The pitch is rectangular in shape (approx 50m x 70m) with a score zone at each end
  • The Referee tosses a coin to determine which team starts as the attacking team. The team winning the toss gets to:
    • Start with the ball
    • Choose which score line they attack in the first half (this changes at half time)
    • Choose which substitution box they use for the duration of the match


  • The ball starts in the middle of the pitch on the ground with the attacking team
  • The defending team must be back 10m at the start of the game, when a penalty is awarded and after a touch down is scored
  • The game is started by the referee blowing the whistle
  • A player from the attacking team then taps the ball with his/her foot, picks up the ball and runs forward
  • A touch is counted when the player with the ball is touched with 'minimum force' by a player on the defensive side
  • After a touch is taken the defensive team must retreat 5m before they can go forward to take the next touch
  • When a touch occurs the person with the possession of the ball performs a 'roll ball'. This is performed by the person with the ball placing the ball on the ground where they were touched, stepping over the ball, the 'dummy' or 'acting half' then picks up the ball and passes it off before they are touched. Please note dummy half can not score
  • Six touches are counted before the ball is turned over to the other side in which they then have the opportunity to attack
  • A 'touch down' is scored by a person from the attacking side grounding the ball over their score line before being touched


A Change of possession and a roll ball is performed:

  • If the dummy half is touched while possessing the ball it is a turnover
  • After being touched 6 times the ball is handed over to the other side
  • Ball to Ground: When the ball is dropped on the ground it is a turnover
  • Turnover: When the attacking side loses the ball to the opposition
  • No control: When the ball is thrown, dropped, knocked on, in a touch

A penalty is where the attacking team taps the ball and the defending team must retreat back 10m. This is awarded when:

  • the defending players have not retreated 5m - and are considered 'Offside'.
  • a touch is considered to be too strong
  • the ball is passed in front of the player who was in possession of the ball - Forward Pass
  • the person who is touched then passes the ball - Touch and Pass
  • the player is not touched and rolls the ball between their legs - Voluntary Roll Ball or No Touch
  • obstructing a touch from the defending side - Shepherd or Obstruction