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Home Nations 2013

This season’s international tournament is the Home Nations, which will be held at the Dublin City University on the outskirts of, strangely enough, Dublin on the 21/22nd June.  The intention is for Scotland to enter a team in every division, these being:

Open Division – Men’s Open, Mixed Open, Women’s Open

Masters Division – Masters Mixed, Men’s 30s, Women’s 27s, Men’s 35s and Men’s 40s

Given the tournament is so early in the season we will have a very short, sharp training schedule.  To this end there will be a trial weekend held on the weekend of 30/31st March at a still to be decided location.  Training squads for each team will be selected at this point.

This will be followed by training for teams on the following weekends:

6/7th April

13/14th April

20/21 April

27/28th April

4/5th May

11/12th May – Final squads selected.  All squads training weekend.

25/26th May – All squads training weekend.

8/9th June – All squads training weekend.

The training weekends will follow the same pattern as last season with full day, two day training weekends with some teams training one weekend and the remaining teams the next.  The actual split at for the first five training weekends is still to be decided as it will depend on the selections for the various coaching positions.

It would be great to get as many of you back as possible for what will culminate in a fantastic weekend in Dublin.  This is also an excellent opportunity to get some new talent into the national squad, so please speak to your clubs and anyone you think is capable of playing for one of the national teams and get them involved.

Regional training will take place each Sunday leading up to the National Trials at 1030-1300hrs Glasgow Green